From inspiration to innovation

III. Expert Meeting: From inspiration to innovation

Experiential conference through 12 techniques

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The aim of the conference:
• to develop non-technological innovation to meet the needs of conference activities;
• to enable people to undergo a unique systemic experience of (the whole) innovation process through 12 different techniques;
• to develop a commercial product for a new type of conferences / workshops on the principle of open innovation;
• to introduce experts from the Slovenian area, who can be involved in the development of the innovation process.

The contribution of the conference:
• participants experience the entire innovation process;
• participants at each stage of the innovation process, access and use a variety of techniques, tools, models and approaches for successful implementation of each stage;
• sharing experiences and establishing a new edge for the discovery of opportunities.

For whom:
For all who are interested in the characteristics of innovation processes and their successful management.

Date: 12.6.2014

Place: Vivo catering, Dunajska cesta 125, Ljubljana

Fee: 40 € for members of InCo movement and members of the co-organizers (Združenje Manager, Društvo slovenskih moderatorjev, Center Arhitekture). Others 120 €.

Duration: 8.00am – 5.00pm

Registration: (or