International InCo Conference 2011

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The "InCo movement" of Slovenia and
the National Council of Republic of Slovenia

InCo International Conference 2011 Proceedings

Video presentations of the speakers - InCo goes global on Videolectu​res.Net


InCo movement initiative program
of an International Conference



for an exchange of good practices and initiatives
for a progressive, and sustainable development
of innovation ecosystems
on a local, regional and global level.

National Council of Republic of Slovenia
Šubičeva 4, Ljubljana
(the main hall)


April 21, 2011
09:00 - 16:30


- to recognize the role if NGOs, and other key players of an open innovation ecosystem (on a regional, country, community or organizational level).

- to illustrate the possible tools, structures, projects and groups of participants that are needed for implementation such initiatives.

- to show the importance of diversity of initiatives, that support each other in order to improve the social capital, and contribute a progressive change in society towards open innovation.

- to emphasis the importance of regional and continental networking and cooperation for successful development of innovation ecosystems.


8:30 - 9:00 arrival

9:00 - 9:30 "InCo movement" of Slovenia and the National Council of Republic of Slovenia Official opening

Marija Kokelj, moderator and red line of the conference day - Full paper

Part I 9:30 - 11:20 (20 min block)


1. Violeta Bulc, MBA, Vibacom and INCO movement innitiative: “Leadership within” ~ the leadership style for evolving organizations -Abstract / Full paper / Presentation
2. Blaž Kavčič, M.Sc, President of the National Council of Republic of Slovenia: Council for an Innovative Society -Abstract / Full paper
3. Alexander Hochmeier: Cross – Organizational Enterprise 2.0 Projects as a door opener for Open Ecosystems - Abstract / Full paper / Presentation
4. Stefan Blachfellner: The Conscious Need for Innovation and Design. Why Ethonomics is crucial locally and globally - Abstract / Full paper / Presentation
5. Jaroslav Berce: A new paradigm for a new leadership - Abstract / Full paper / Presentation
6. Jani Toroš: Is singularity the right answer to our future - Abstract / Full paper / Presentation

Part II 11:30 - 13:30


1. Andreja Kodrin: Global Youths’ Collaboration for Sustainable innovations: the Case of Challenge: FUTURE - Abstract / Full paper / Presentation
2. Madan Mohan Rao, P.Hd: Sustainable & Successful Innovation Communication Campaigns: Leveraging Branded Events & Layered Publications - Abstract / Full paper / Presentation
3. Aleš Adamič: Competition vs Competences - Abstract / Full paper / Presentation
4. Marjeta Novak: Unleashing the Potential Blocked in Negativity - Abstract / Full paper / Presentation
5. Erik Holm Melby: Open innovation platform to boost innovation – Innovation as a strategy to strengthen and grow a small community -Abstract / Full paper / Presentation
6. Thomas Wallner: High Performance Work Systems, the High Road to Innovation and their impact on the Innovation Ecosystem -Abstract / Full paper / Presentation

7. Conclusions


Part III 14:30 - 16:30


1. Discussion

2. Ana Savšek: The business model of The Heart of Slovenia -Abstract / Full paper / Presentation
3. Jožica Amadea Demšar in Dejan Veranič: The pile dwellers lived in the nature and with the nature - their message for us nowdays Full paper / Presentation
4. Sonja Klopčič: Trimo Leadership Alumni Club: New Initiative for Distributed Leadership - Abstract / Full paper / Presentation
5. Tit Neubauer: E-skills for all generations – intergenerational approach to e-literacy - Abstract / Full paper / Presentation
6. David NordFors: Innovation Journalism, Attention work and Innovation Economy - Abstract / Full paper / Presentation

AWARD CEREMONY 16:30 – 17:00

InJo Ba. – student award for innovation journalism
- Monika Sobočan, Unvierza v Mariboru, Medicinska fakulteta: »Biomarkerji - korak naprej v medicini?«
- Franci Gruden, DOBA Fakulteta: »Brezmejni mobilni paketi«

InJo – award for the best innovation journalism contributions in public media

InJo major award:
- Edita Cetinski Malnar, TV Slovenija: oddaja Prava ideja! gost Peter Florjančič

InJo awards:
- Maruša Bertoncelj , Mediade, d.o.o., »Poslovni model, ki deluje tudi iz puščave«
- Mag. Edita Krajnović, Mediade, d.o.o., »Pet zvezdic inovativne organizacijske kulture«
- Maruša Bertoncelj , Mediade, d.o.o., »Ko posel dobesedno zacveti«
- Eva Uranjek, TV Slovenija, oddaja Prava ideja! - "Google: Kako nastajajo drzne zgodbe o uspehu?" gost Boštjan Špetič

Final conclusions and message of the conference

The conference will be recorded, and followed by e-media on-line
Conference is free of charge, however, registrations are requested. See below.
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